StarmontGenerally, wine is said to be an alcoholic beverage and it can be made with any fruit such as apples, cranberries, and plums etc. Most of the wines are made with the grapes which are totally a different one from the table grapes. There is a major difference between the wine and beer where wine is made from the fruit and beer is made from the grains. It is popularly said to be that drinking wine is an adventure. In the present era, the wine has been literally produced everywhere. There are several types of wine such as sparkling wine, light-bodied white wine, full-bodied white wine, aromatic white wine, rose wine etc. Sparkling Wine is a one which has its origin in France and in technical terms it is the most challenging one. Light bodied white wines are more popular among the folks and they are the most sold wines globally.  It is known to be the beer of wine and it is the major reason that they are perfect to drink especially for the savory lovers. The cool climates produce the best examples of the light bodied wine. Sweet white wines popularly known to be aromatic one are the oldest wine varieties globally.